Our site provides contact information for hard to find numbers for customer services and other contact numbers.

About Us – About Find My Numbers

We think that the customer should be able to access customer services numbers as easily as the sales numbers. Every customer should be able to simply pick up the phone and be connected to any customer services department quickly.

Unfortunately, too many companies and business entities tend to not publicise customer services numbers as well as they do with the numbers that are sales directed, this is in many cases to reduce the volume of labour in customer services phone lines and staff, we find that this is wrong, every consumer should be able to find this information with minimum effort, after all if the client pays an organization for a service or product, effective customer services and problem resolution contacts should at least morally be made available just as easily as the phone numbers that encourage the consumer to acquire a product.

But it does not stop there, quite often a difficult journey lies ahead for the customer when problems happen, quite often the help numbers are no more than a recording service that “assures” the client that the organization will call back as soon as possible, or even worse, the client is instructed to access dedicated forums that require, registration, login and quite often a wait period to confirm registration on such forum sections that eventually point the client further down to complex and almost always deep FAQ pages the again try as much as possible to encourage to user to send an email via some form that will take some time to be handled.

Our Site Mission

At some point we idealized a directory that is customer centric, providing several contact options for notoriously difficult to get customer services numbers, providing not only a direct-dial service but also alternative options that range from mail to email. We decided to take this further offering our own numbers that direct the customer directly to the section that they are trying to reach within a company or organization, we know too well that quite often customer services numbers are very confusing, using several options that in turn point a narrower set of options, getting these prompts wrong means having to start again…

So we came up with direct numbers to save you time, and also plentiful information about companies to better help you understand the companies that you are dealing with, additionally we offer direct links to their own official web links.