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BT - 08700 420392

08700 420392
BT Contact Number – Calls cost 13p/min plus standard access charge

If you are a mobile user you can click on the following link to call BT from your phone – 08700 420392

If you need to get in touch with the BT Customer Serives Team regarding all inquires you can by ringing 08700 420392. Calls will be charged at at 13p/min plus a connection fee set by your landline provider. Alternatively you can use their own local-rate contact number 0330 123 4567. This may may cost more or less depending on the rates set by your landline or mobile phone provider.

BT Group plc. or as it’s commonly known as BT or British Telecom is the largest telecommunications company in the UK that is tasked with not only providing broadband, landline and television services but also maintains and sets up new broadband and landline connections. Alongside it’s huge presence in the UK it also has a sizable presence throughout the world with services available in 180 countries throughout the world.

BT’s origin dates back to the 1800’s were it was founded as the Electric Telegraph company and developed a nationwide communications network. From here it developed a monopoly telecommunications provider until the late 1900’s after it was privatized in 1984 and ceased to become a government owned organization. BT has a number of large subsidiaries that makes up it’s core consumer base including a BT Consumer division which supplies telephony, broadband and subscription television services throughout the UK to 18 million customers. EE it’s mobile division is one of the largest in the UK and it also has business divisions and a BT Global Services division which supplies governments and corporations all around the world with dedicated internet & landline packages.

BT’s cheapest plans start at around £20 a month which includes broadband and line rental, making it one of the cheapest providers in the UK.

BT Customer Services – 08700 420392

You can contact BT’s friendly and helpful customer services department by calling their general enquiries helpline on 08700 423788. This phone number will put you into contact with a BT customer service representative who will do their best to assist you with any issues that you have including technical, new packages & more. They will be able to assist you with all BT related enquiries related to their landline, broadband or television services if you have a package with them or explain to you their range of packages available if you are looking to swap to them. This phone line is also used to change details on your account including the name of account holder, address, payment information & package information, you will be able to upgrade, downgrade or otherwise change your BT telephone, broadband or television services.

If you are facing broadband or telephone issues they will be able to run basic diagnostics to attempt to find a fault if they will forward it to an engineer or specialist who will resolve it. If they are unable to find a fault they will similarly raise it to a specialist who will investigate it further.

This customer service number is available from 24 hours a day, 7 days a week including most public holidays. Alternative you can ring 0330 123 4567 which is a local-rate contact number which may be more or less depending on the rates set by your mobile or landline network provider. You can also ring 150 from a BT landline to put you in contact with their technical help team.

BT Official Website

You can get additional information about BT including their latest deals and what the features and prices of all of their current landline, broadband & TV packages they offer by checking out their official website at the following link – BT Official Website

BT Postal Address

If you wish to send a letter or package to BT you can by using the following address which is their head office located in London:

BT Head Office
British Telecommunications
PLC 81
Newgate Street

The address is also on the back of any bills from BT, make sure to include your contact information when contacting BT so they can get back to you.

BT Complaints

If you have a complaint about BT or any of the services they provide you can write to them at the following address:

BT Correspondence Department
Providence Row
DH98 1BT

Alternatively you can email them using their online form which can be found here – BT Email Form

BT Social Media Accounts

You can also contact BT through their social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter & check out some of their informative videos on Youtube.
BT Facebook Account
BT Twitter Account
BT Youtube Account

Check out our favourite video from them below in which it talks about keeping yourself and your loved ones safe online:

Alternative BT Contact Information

Address BT Head Office,
British Telecommunications,
PLC 81,
Newgate Street,
 Official Website
 Tech Support
0800 800 151
 Cloud Tech Support
0800 500 3114
 Complaints 0207 356 5000

More BT Contact Phone Numbers(0800, 0344, 0870, 0333,0843)

BT Billing Support Enquiries Number 0800 433 311
BT Cloud Enquiries Number 0800 500 3114
BT ID Enquiries Number 0800 707 6310
BT Landline 0800 800 511
BT SmartTalk Enquiries Contact Number 0800 011 3845
BT TV, BT Broadband / Email 0800 111 4567
Cancellations 0800 783 1401
Customer Services / Complaints Hotline /Technical Support / 0800 800 150
Head Office Contact Number 0207 356 5000
Switch to BT or Change Address (Moving Home / Migrating Service) 0800 100 400


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