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TALKTALK - 0870 042 3788

08700 423788
Customer contact number Calls cost 13p/min plus standard access charge

If you are a mobile user you can click on the following link to call TalkTalk from your phone – 08700 423788

If you need to get in touch with the TalkTalk Customer Service Enquiries team you can by calling 08700 423788. Calls are charged at at 13p/min plus access charge. Alternatively you can use their own local-rate contact number 0345 172 0088. This may may cost more or less depending on the rates set by your provider.

TalkTalk or Telecom Group plc which it is officially known as is a telecommunications company that offers landline telephone connections & high speed broadband at a price that is often lower than its competitors.
Talk Talk was established in 2003 as part of the Carphone Warehouse group as it’s broadband subsidiary but became it’s own company in 2010. In 2003 it only dealt with fixed telephony and broadband services whereas since becoming their own company they have branched out to also offer television services and mobile phone connection to homes throughout the UK along with a growing business sector where they provide telephony & broadband services also.

TalkTalk has often been criticized for poor customer service and bad broadband or phone connections but has undergone a period of re-branding as of late where it aims to improve this offering more flexible and lower cost services with easy-to-construct plans for it’s commercial customers with it’s cheapest broadband packages currently being under £20 a month including line rental as of 2018.

TalkTalk Customer Services – 08700 423788

You can contact TalkTalk’s fantastic customer services department by calling their general enquiries contact number on 08700 423788. This phone number will put you into contact with one of the TalkTalk Advisors who among other things can give you technical support for your TalkTalk account, TalkTalk phone line or TalkTalk Broadband. They will be able to assist you with details such as changing information on your current TalkTalk plan, upgrading or downgrading your TalkTalk phone or broadband account. And they will also be able to help you recover your details such as your username or password should you forget them. If you are having issues with your phone line or broadband connections they will also be able to help you, they will run basic diagnostics to try and find the fault and if required will record the fault for one of their engineers or specialists to look at. If they are unable to find or repair your fault they will be able to transfer you to a specialist who will have more knowledge about the area and be able to diagnose it further.

This customer service number is available from 8am to 7pm seven days a week including some public holidays, alternative you can ring 0345 172 0088 which is their local-rate contact number which may be more or less expensive depending on your call plan. If you are unsure on costs and want to find out you should contact your landline or mobile network operator for the latest rates.

TalkTalk Official Website

If you wish to get additional information about TalkTalk including their latest deals and what all of their current landline, broadband & TV packages offer you can check out their official website by following the link below:
TalkTalk Official Website

TalkTalk Postal Address

Their head office is located in London on following address:
11 Evesham Street
W11 4AR

TalkTalk Email Address

You can contact TalkTalk via email through their website using this TalkTalk Contact Us link
Here you will be able to contact TalkTalk where they will either phone or email you back in regards to your issue.

TalkTalk Complaints

If you have a complaint about TalkTalk or any of the services they provide you can email them on [email protected]
If you would prefer to write to them you can also do this by writing to:
TalkTalk Correspondence Department
P.O. Box 346
SO30 2PW

TalkTalk Social Media Accounts

You can also contact TalkTalk through their social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter & check out some of their informative videos on Youtube.
TalkTalk Facebook Account
TalkTalk Twitter Account
TalkTalk Youtube Account

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